Who We Are

Sailor’s Home was created by a team of experienced maritime professionals to offer extended services with respect to the personality and the needs of today seafarer.

We address all seafarers’ specialties and undertake all sorts of maritime issues handling so that all your certificates are always in place and up-to-date.

Sailor’s Home has its headquarters in the heart of the shipping world in Piraeus. The company is pioneering and distinguished for its comparative advantages:

  • Fast handling of maritime issues

  • Nationwide available issues handling to seafarers in and out of the region of Attica

  • Professionals with decades of experience in the maritime field

  • Modern and functional facilities with easy access, in the center of Piraeus

  • Personalized service and direct contact with our Executives

Sailor’s Home seeks to establish and consolidate a new relationship with the today seafarer with utmost seriousness and responsibility.